22 College Seniors On Their Advice To College Freshmen

reminding me of these things daily now.

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From interviews with seniors at my college.
Go out, get drunk, hook up…but make sure that’s never the most interesting thing about you.
Do not ever underestimate your talent. On two different occasions, I came out of two professors’ office hours crying because both of them couldn’t believe my GPA was as low as it was. One was an English professor and the other was a journalism professor, and I was doing really well in both their classes. I will never forget the look of wild confusion on each of their faces when I shared with them the one detail that could prevent me from studying abroad. Both professors praised my work so highly and told me I was capable of so much more than the grades I was receiving. I walked out crying because, for the first time in my life, I believed them.

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Judgement is natural but the way we perceive and act upon the information that we get from judgment is what really matters.

I have found that it is impossible for people to avoid making judgments. It is NECESSARY to make judgements. This is how we understand people and who they are, so that we are able to determine if they are a person that would be a positive impact to keep in your life. So the difference between “judgmental” and “nonjudgmental” is how we decipher and act on our judgements about another person. Even if we disagree with an aspect of a person’s character, a “nonjudgmental” person will accept them for being this way but simply conclude that a person isn’t someone that we want to spend our time with, nor do we want to acquire these unfavorable characteristics.


This is the first, and I mean ABSOLUTE first thing I have ever blogged. But it was brought to my attention by some people very close to me that I would be a capable blogger considering I seem to have some opinions that is at least a tiny bit interesting. 

I do believe that everyone’s opinion is interesting. Very interesting at that. I will forever be interested in the different perspectives that people have on all situations. Yes we are drawn to the seemingly outrageous views. But I’d have to say that I am not one of those people that have strong, cynical, crazy views on things old and new. If you are searching for long rants about how society is this way and politics is that way and our youth is blah blah blah.. you’ve fumbled upon the wrong blog. 

What you will find here is ME… a young woman, a big ole NINETEEN  years old, who has a burning passion for life and happiness and adventure. I’m searching, but not searching too hard, for meanings of things surrounding me.   


Try as much as possible to be wholly alive, with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell and when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough.  

– William Saroyan


I love and LIVE by this quote. I just came across it but it seems like it has been in my head for my entire life. No matter what I am doing, who I am with, where I am, how I feel, or when it is I try as hard as I can to be completely there in the moment. I always think of it like this- this is the first and last chance to live this moment. You will never get this moment back, all you will have is the memory of this moment. Yes it may sound cliché, but to be completely there in the moment physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and what ever other allys you can think of… to be ALL there for that moment is simply a beautiful thing. 


I realized how important this is after spending a large amount of time with people who haven’t realized the importance of living wholly. In this “age” these are the people that spend way too much time on their phones when they’re around other people, busy worrying about what everyone else is doing. And most of all, they are completely possessed by the thought that the most important thing is for everyone they have ever met to know how much “fun they are having”. 


In reality, if you are truly having a purely amazing time, living your life wholly, being completely there, laughing like hell, there wouldn’t be the time to update everyone on social medias. Personally, when I am surrounded by beautiful people doing beautiful things the last thing on my mind is to make sure everyone knows that I am enjoying myself. 


I’m not saying that I don’t instagram, or tweet, or post pictures on Facebook. But I rarely do these things in the presence of others. I feel SO DAMN rude, so I do it later.


let’s get super cliché for a moment- although there is a reason things are cliché, they’re usually very true- here it goes: YOU ONLY HAVE THIS LIFE, YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE TO LIVE THIS LIFE, TO LIVE EACH MOMENT, SO HOW ABOUT WE TAKE THE TIME TO LAUGH UNTIL WE CRY, TO SMILE UNTIL OUR FACE HURTS, TO EXPLORE UNTIL WE ARE LOST, TO BE SO WEIRD THAT WE WONDER WHY WE HAVE FRIENDS, HELL, EVEN TAKE THE TIME TO GET SO MAD THAT WE LEAVE NAIL MARKS IN OUR PALMS FROM OUR CLENCHED FISTS.. who ever you are with, what ever you are doing, whenever, wherever you are, how ever you feel BE WHOLLY ALIVE.